Farmers’ Market Voucher Program

About the Program

Families struggling with food security are given vouchers to use as currency in order to purchase food from local vendors at the local farmers market in Morden. 

2020 was the pilot year which was much needed in a global pandemic with many people facing uncertainty with work and financial security. Direct Farms Manitoba chose Many Hands to be the local organization to implement this program in Morden. With the help of a government Emergency Community Support Grant as well as a donation from another local organization this program was able to help up to 94 families access fresh, local food while supporting local farmers.

Community Engagement

The Voucher Program is a unique way of addressing food security as it invites participants to step out of their home and into the community instead of food being brought to their door.

Participants discover where their food is coming from and develop relationships with the farmers they are buying from.

Such an Impact

We at Many Hands are very excited about this program in the way that it is able to impact so many different people within the community from the participant to the farmer and the greater community at large.

Our participants are able to access local health food, the farmers are able to benefit financially. 

Our Partners


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