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Dr. Daniel G. Klauke, O.D.

Board Chair

Dr. Klauke was born and raised in a rural community north of Toronto. He moved to Morden in September of 2018 to start his career as an optometrist at Focal Point. Since moving here, Dr. Klauke has made an effort to become immersed in the community whether it be through curling, performing in local theatre, volunteering at his church, supporting local restaurants, or most recently, taking on the role of Board Chair with Many Hands Resource Centre.


Brenda Klassen


Brenda has lived in Morden for over 26 years and was a founding member of Many Hands.  She works as a nurse and enjoys volunteering in the community.

Jaimee Loewen


Jaimee lives just outside of Morden where she enjoys exploring the local trails and improving her gardening skills. She’s an English language instructor and loves welcoming newcomers to our great city. Jaimee started as a volunteer with Many Hands and later joined the board to work towards food security and community connection.

Julie Plett

Member at Large

Julie Plett moved to Morden in 2016 with her husband and two children. When they first moved she stayed at home with her kids but once both  children were in school full time Julie made the decision to return to the workforce. 
Julie is the Payroll & Benefits Coordinator at Elias Woodworking.
Julie and her family are enjoying their  time in Morden and all that it has to offer.

Darcy Wolfe

Vice Chair

Darcy is living in Morden with his wife and two kids. He enjoys helping people, reading, and watching sports.

Sally Marsolais

Member at Large

Sally has worked in a variety of roles from inner city and rural youth
ministry, settlement and employment work, as an In-Home Support Worker, and now more recently
has become a Support Network Facilitator for CFS.

Mariyam Tsygankova

Executive Director

Mariyam moved to Morden from Kazakhstan in 2014 with her husband and child. Initially she worked with Regional Connections and has a strong background in helping immigrants. 

New Board Member

Member at Large

If you would like to join the board of a vibrant, growing organization that is committed to creating positive change in Morden, please get in touch!

Tracey Krause

Program Coordinator (Staff)

Tracey grew up in Morden, left and then moved back in 2017 with her family. Tracey has lived around the world, in Russia, Poland, and most recently in Ecuador. She brings her organizational skills and her deep love for community to Many Hands.


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